Hi! I'm Jessica Przybylinski and mom of three amazing children, ages 7, 10 and 15. Life can get pretty busy with kids so I put my love for creating handmade pieces aside for a while..... a long while. Being a mom can be a full time job in itself! We where living the fast pace city life and having little or no time for anything.

I finally realized you only live once and what is life if you don't take chances? It was time for a change to get out of the city and really start pursusing my Love for all things handmade. 

That's how London Grace Boutique was created.......

In 2016 we packed up our whole family sold our home in the big city in Massachusetts. Drove cross country with the three kids and dog and headed for Sunny Florida. We traded the city life and settled down in the country for a more simpler way of living.  I am now a stay at home & work at home mom. Did I mention I am also homeschooling all of these kids?! 

Don't ask me how or even where I find the time or the energy to be super mom, a wife, a boss or even a teacher......it takes a lot of coffee and passion doing what I do! My passion for life and for my kids gives me the drive to want to teach them the world. 

Fast forward to 2017....... 

So here we are living in Florida and getting back to the basics of our simpler life. Where we have homemade pancakes most mornings before we start home school and I teach them the love behind creating handmade. Whether it's baking together in the kitchen or crafting the next project. Handmade comes from the heart. I remember growing up watching my father and grandfather always working on some sort of project. I remember the smell of fresh cut wood and playing in the sawdust in my grandfather's wood shop. I would beg him to help paint the handmade pieces he was creating. I remember many trips with my father to the lumber yard and hardware stores. He was always finding ways to create the impossible. I never knew how he did so much back then but now it all makes perfect sense.

 My hope is by showing my children the same hard work and love for what you do in life that my family taught me will inspire them to take chances, be different and always find ways to be creative that it will hopefully inspire others as well. 

 Through our journey I have had the pleasure to create personalized pieces for my customers while matching there home decor colors and interior design.

 I have helped design home decor from California to New York City all the way down to Miami. I have designed for Special Events, Weddings, Schools, Modeling Agencies, Nurseries, Businesses, Famous Restaurants, Well Known Hotels and luxury living communities. 

London Grace Boutique has also had the pleasure to design for clients in Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Australia, London, Germany, and The Virgin Islands. 

As we continue to grow, dream big and inspire one thing will always stay the same...

From our home to yours, every piece by London Grace Boutique will be customized just for you and hand painted with Love!